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Unflavored Unsweetened Whole Food Meal Replacement

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Take your taste buds on vacation with NutraBlendz’s Caribbean Sunrise meal replacement shake. This creamy yet refreshing flavor profile mixes perfectly with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Having a meal in a cup never tasted so good! Pro tip - use frozen fruits instead of ice for more flavor and smooth texture.

Our favorite Caribbean-inspired recipe is a frozen banana, ½ cup frozen pineapple, ½ cup frozen mango, 6oz almond milk, 2 scoops of NutraBlendz Caribbean Sunrise. Blend it all together, pour it in a glass, and you’ll forget that you are driving the kids to soccer, and not sunbathing on a tropical island.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or simply to nourish your body without the hassle of preparing a meal, Nutrablendz nutritional shakes are your meal replacement solution. Made with premium quality whole food ingredients, this complete meal solution is the perfect addition to a natural, and healthy lifestyle.

All of the components of a healthy diet are conveniently available in one product that tastes delicious without fillers or artificial ingredients. From the busy mom on the go, to the athlete seeking a protein supplement, Nutrablendz was developed to help you maintain and improve your overall health.

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NutraBlendz strives to be the industry leader in clean meal replacement shakes with the overall mission being to educate and inspire lifestyle changes. The company started out of necessity after Jason’s recovery from cancer. He needed to provide a solution to the difficulties of eating healthy in order to make nutritious meals available for everyone. After nearly a decade of research, education, ingredient testing, and of course taste testing Jason is proud to share NutraBlendz.

Your Why:

  • Loyalty - Our customers love us! Most of our orders are return customers.
  • Real People - If you have a question, comment, concern, or just want to say hi, our customer service team is happy to hear your feedback or solve any issue.
  • Real Ingredients - All of the ingredients in NutraBlendz are made from whole foods - you can read the nutrition panel without a dictionary!
  • We did all the hard work for you - No need to meal prep or turn to unhealthy convenient meal options.
  • We have researched and sourced each ingredient to bring you the highest quality product.
  • We produce in small batches, so the product you receive is always fresh and made with care.
  • 100% satisfaction with NutraBlendz or a full refund..

Thank you for your order with NutraBlendz, we know you are going to love it!

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What people are saying about us..

"I have tried many different protein shake mixes and I must say this one is great. I tried the recipe on the package and it was very delicious and filling. I will definitely order more in the future.It's great to have something that's healthy and delicious.Thanks" ~ Linda L.

"10/10 would buy again! I've been looking for a meal replacement that wasn't chocolate or vanilla and this was it. Taste great, and $25 for 1 pound is a great deal compared to other shops." ~ Amazon Customer

"This is by far the best meal replacement I've had EVER! Not only does it have top notch ingredients, I actually look forward to drinking it for breakfast and dinner. I'm usually pretty busy so it's nice to have an easy, nutritional alternative for my busy schedule." ~ C. Pickett

"I absolutely love the taste and it has really helped me to incorporate more nutrients into my day. I have mixed it with kale and fruits for a smoothie and have also just mixed it with water or almond milk. It is super versatile! Love it!" ~ Amazon Customer